Putting Out An Album

So, I’ve been writing songs for the last couple of years and I’ve finally committed to releasing an album. I finally got my head around the work it takes to release an album – I’ve never had a problem with writing the songs but I have had a problem with doing all the production & distribution work need to release an album. What is happening is I’m setting aside the time & resources needed to produce the album. My best guess is that I’ll be able to finish & release an acoustic album (more than ten songs) this August. I have a lot of songs to choose from… I’ll be posting mixes of songs on the release list at my “Me and an acoustic in Elko” page. Let’s see how this all goes!

Peace – Jeff

Getting Creative

The pandemic has been a bummer on so many levels including not being able to participate in live performances and/or meeting with other musicians to play/create music. In lieu of face-to-face interactions, I’ve put my energy into my songwriting and production work and I’ve started meeting with other musicians on various digital platforms. It looks like it’s going to be a while before I start performing live again and it’s becoming clear that I need to find new ways to meet & interact with other creatives. I’m putting together plans to shift my focus to starting a digital creativity site. It is my belief that community cooperation is the secret super power of humankind – this website will be an experiment to see if I can get enough like minded creatives out there to make a difference in the world through cooperation in the arts…